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Weekend Adventures at the Lake

Weekend Adventures at the Lake

This past weekend the whole of the Wells clan gathered in a lake side house in Johnson Lake, NE to attend and celebrate the wedding of a close family friend Laura. It was a little hectic as to be expected when you have five couples, five children and one pup all under one roof with no internet access for a three day weekend.

The man and I were very pleased that the pup was so well behaved the whole weekend, he tends to get pretty hyper when he is around so many people.


We have a pretty long list of crazy adventures starting out with getting lost countless times since our GPS would not work.

On the way from the church where the wedding was located to the community center where the reception was being held two things happened.

Firstly the man’s sister and brother in law along with their four kids slipped along the muddy road and ended up at the bottom of a five foot tall ditch. I am honestly not even sure how their van did not end up flipped, the tow truck seemed to have a really hard time getting it out. Luckily it only had minor cosmetic damage and made it’s way back to Kansas just fine.


Our situation was not as scary or disastrous. We did not think about the fact that we desperately needed gas before heading to the wedding. In Omaha running low on gas is no big thing, if your gas light turns on you just pull into a station and wah-la filled up gas tank. In rural Nebraska when your gas light dings to attention while driving a little panic can set in for us city folk who don’t know where the next gas station is let alone the nest gas station that is open and actually has gas will be.


When Monday morning rolled around we were pretty ready to get packed up and head back to Omaha to our own space and bed even though it was finally sunny and warm out.

We made our way home in a pretty relaxed fashion we wandered off the interstate a few times onto country roads and made a few stops along the way. We stopped first at Fort Kearney to let Theodore get some exercise in before he was stuck sitting on our laps for hours on end. Then in Grand Island to get some coffee where our next adventure hit.

Since we both needed to use the potty and we have a puppy we decided to park and run in separately. I ran in and came out with drinks and snacks then James took his turn. Now when James was in Starbucks I found it odd that the radio screen went blank but didn't read to far into it when I turned the key slightly and it came back on. James comes out and goes to turn on the car… nothing. Just a strange clicking sound, battery dead. A nice family had just parked next to us and went in to get coffee as well so the husband being the person that he is ran back into Starbucks and asked them to pretty please help us jump our battery and it worked! I suppose after five years and almost 92k miles a battery is allowed to die, so a battery shopping we went once we got back to Omaha.

The last side track on our drive home was in Crete, I should have taken some pictures here because it was such a cute town especially on Doane’s College campus. The husbands family lived here for a short bit back when he was around six years old so we just drove around and found a few places he remembered like the local swimming pool and a pond they would go to feed ducks at. We think we found the house they lived in but no one recalls the exact address so maybe not.

May Faves // 2015

May Faves // 2015

Packing for a Weekend Getaway!

Packing for a Weekend Getaway!