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April Faves // 2015

April Faves // 2015

April showers bring May flowers better prove its self true this year. This month has not been able to make up its mind on what season it truly desires to be in (yes, I know I reside in Nebraska - that is what the MidWest is like) presently I am writing this on dreary, rainy Saturday but according to the weather app on my iPhone when I hit publish to this post Wednesday it should be in the 70s and sunny, so hopefully I will be enjoying the beautiful day. Anyways to the point of this post! At the end of every month my intention is to do a little round up of my favorite things from that month, now it does not matter if is a beauty item, movie or new joke from the man if it happened in that month and I loved it I will add it to the list. Now for my April favorites!

Movies // Television - 

The Age of Adeline is a beautiful movie capturating the exceptionally long life of a young woman born in the early 20th century. After a tragic accident in her late 20s she suddenly stops growing older, it takes 80 years of hiding behind different disguises for her to meet a man who might be worth telling her secret for.

Hart of Dixie! Why?! Why did you have to end?! I just discovered this show in September and it is all over now. I know the grand finale was in March but I just watched it. It makes me sad but it is probably for the best, one less hour of television for me a week.

The Woman in Gold is based on a true story depicting Maria Altmann's remarkable journey to recover her family's stolen artwork from the Austrian government all the while trying to find justice for the atrocities that happened to her family and loved ones.

Beauty - 

My hair had been feeling limp and greasy for a couple of weeks and even though I was washing my hair on an almost daily basis no matter what I attempted with it just seemed to fail miserably. I was trying to figure out what to do about this when it hit me! (Anna! Check the hall closet! Okay, self!) enter Redken's Cleansing Cream... one wash with this followed by my current conditioner of the moment (Redken's Body Full) and BOOM... hair once again cooperating with me. Now to remember to use this once or twice a month. (Good luck, self!)

I do not know why I had not thought to use a concealer brush with the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer before, maybe because it has a built in sponge on it, I am not sure, but what I do know is that the Real Techniques Concealer Brush took my favorite daily concealer to a whole new level in the matter of seconds for sure worth adding into the routine.

About two months or so ago I decided to go through a box of beauty and skin care items that had not been unpacked yet and while most of the items needed to be tossed I did decide to keep a few odds and ends including this Maybelline Baby Lips chapstick as a back up to all the other chapsticks that I don't use but can't seem to throw away. It really helps to moisturize and give a more supple healthy look to my lips before applying more matte lipsticks. I find myself reaching for this before I apply my current favorite lip color Clinique's Mega Melon just to help add a little extra something, I am also loving the chubby stick makeup trend especially in lip products. So easy to toss in my purse for on the go!

I have never been known for having beautiful nails, I tend to have extremely dry cuticles and I fail at taking care of them ii's something that I just don't take the time for. I am trying very hard to correct this and the first step that I have made is by keeping The Body Shop's Argan Oil body butter on my desk at work I am taking the time about three times a day to put hand lotion on and actually massage it into my cuticles as I read and reply to emails, so far so good! I have actually noticed a HUGE difference in the matter of a couple of weeks.

The last two items that I am loving this month are both a part of my nightly routine. I just recently redid my entire AM and PM skin care routines and can really tell that these two items are pulling their weight for sure. One thing that I kept coming across while researching about skincare was dual cleaning, to save myself time (and to get me to actually do it) I am using the Nars Micellar Water as my first cleanse. I like that it is so easy to use I just pour some on a large cotton pad and remove all of my makeup with one side and my eye makeup with the other side it works really well for me. Lastly I am going to rave about the Nuxe Reve de Miel one more time this week. This product is great for days where your lips really need a little extra TLC but it is also so perfect at night! I put this on as my last step before heading to bed and it has kept my lips from getting chapped and icky since I purchased it.

I have linked everything up above as well so check some of items out and let me know what your favorite things from April are!


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