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Meet the Locals // Kristi - Tangents

Meet the Locals // Kristi - Tangents

How many different business ventures can one couple have and still maintain sanity? It seems that the magic number lies right around three or four + one adorable baby girl, at least this is the case for Kristi and her husband Jason. We made our way to hang out with the Schmit family in Randolph, NE on an extremely windy day in October. When we first walked into their warehouse of a space we were greeted by a reception area that displays some of her husbands cabinetry work which then opens up to the right into her husbands main business venture Schmit Home Solutions which he co-owns with his brother Tim. Here they custom design and build all things wooden for homes such as kitchen / bathroom cabinets and closet organizers. On the side opposite the workshop they have an attached greenhouse that is used to start plants to sell at local markets. Then up the stairs we went to Kristi's wide open beautiful studio space which is split into two main areas. Right when you walk up the stairs you are greeted by displays of not only her Tangents products but also all sorts of other things like tables and pretty beaded and sea-shelled jewelry she has created from past businesses, in the back of the large open room things are split between both sides of the space on one side are paints / brushes / cute miniature studio lights (genius) and finished projects waiting to be photographed and so many jars (!!!), on the other side of the room you will find a pile of wooden rounds waiting for some paint below a window that of course has a gorgeous view out onto the fields you will also find a table covered in supplies that range from tiny little wooden rounds to shells! Now that I have given the worlds longest description of a warehouse, let's move onto the talking portion of our day...

When did Tangents come to be? 2011, which was a year of so much change! This was also the year that Kristi and Jason were married AND when the warehouse was finally completed.

How many shows do you do in a year? Normally about six or so this year only one - very exclusive, right? :)

What stemmed all of these business ventures? That is all Jason, Kristi is quick to say. His parents own a farm and really encouraged him and his brother Tim to be entrepreneurial when they were growing up. Point in case... the greenhouse that was previously mentioned is in its fourth version at this point. The first one was built when Jason was in 9th grade and was built on maybe $12.00, apparently it was a scary place.

Where do you get most of your materials? Most of the rounds are cut from limbs that have fallen around her in laws property and on occasion she will get a call from someone in town that has cut a tree down.

Was it hard moving from Omaha to Randolph? Yes! Did you know how hard it is to find blue cheese crumbles in the country? You can't just pop out to the grocery store down the street! It is an on going joke that she let Jason build this workshop because he bribed her with her upstairs studio. Borderline worth it in my opinion. Beautiful upstairs studio space vs. easy access to blue cheese crumbles.

Speaking of easy access to assorted cheeses... how was moving to the middle of nowhere? At the time it was a fantastic change, she had moved to Norfolk and was applying for jobs because when people saw Omaha on her applications they doubted her desire to live in or near Norfolk full time. She was going crazy because the only thing she did was walk to and from the library.

You are a mathematician that started working full time as an engineer around eight months ago, do you think that you use painting as a creative outlet? No, not at all. Look at programmers they have to be super creative to do what they do. Understandably, Kristi just doesn't understand why people have always separated math and art they are both are still creative just in different forms is all.

What is your favorite part about completing a painting? When she finishes something and looks at it like "Wow! That turned out WAY better than I thought it would!" although she does admit that sometimes it is the opposite reaction!

How do you keep yourself accountable? She starts out with great intentions by using the holiday tips that Etsy sends out every holiday season, not that she always follows them of course because.... #LIFE, really though lists rule her life she functions off of lists most of the time.

Spending time with Kristi, Jason and Maura was wonderful! Make sure to check out the Tangents stand at Handmade Omaha this weekend!

*** All photography provided by James Wells of Stark Media Design. ***


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